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Central Heating System Power Flushing

Central Heating Power Flushing

Central Heating Systems

Power Flushing

A power flush is a cleaning procedure carried out by a professional that is trained and experienced. Power flushing your central heating system means cleaning the central heating water, the pipes, pump, radiators and the boiler everything that the central heating water runs through.


There is only one modern procedure worth having done. This is by connecting powerflush machine to the systems circulating pump or a radiator and circulating the central heating water at high flow rates for hours and replacing dirty water with clean water. Using a combination of chemicals and magnets to aid in the cleaning process, once clean you add a chemical called an inhibitor that stays in the system and prevents the reforming of sludge.


How do you know if you need a power flush?

The only way to know is to get a consultant visit or post us a water sample for testing.


Ready to give it a try?

Up to 7 radiators flushed for £450. Then £25 for every radiator after that!

Benefits of Central Heating Power Flushing

shower installs
Increase efficiency

The more sludge that gets removed the more of an improvement in efficiency you will have in the system.

boiler installation
System Reliability

Clean systems break down less as no sludge means no blockages and less wear and tear on the parts that make up the system.

Leaks and Leak Damage

Low levels of inhibitor in the system can cause the radiators to rust and eventually start leaking causing flood damage and a repair bill.

pipe work

You will save money from not having breakdowns and in the increase of efficiency in your system.

So how does it work again?

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